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Located on the northwestern slopes of the Konjuh Mountain, Banovići was named after Božićko Banović, whose resting place marked by a medieval stećak tombstone can be found in the village bearing the same name.

Ethno Park Mačkovac is an ethnographic museum and restaurant serving Bosnian cuisine delicacies. It consists of several old Bosnian houses, courtyards and workshops and houses a large collection of objects, tools, containers and folk costumes from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich past.

The hotel and picnic site Zlača is located deep in the Konjuh Mountain and, much like the Mačkovac picnic area, is surrounded by untouched nature.

In these outdoor areas you will find several covered spots equipped with tables, benches and barbecues. Zlača and Mačkovac picnic areas and the Oskova River, rich in fish, make for wonderful nature retreats in the summer heat and will delight every visitor.

The beautiful Konjuh Mountain abounds with freshwater springs, streams and lakes. Do visit the Stanovi Waterfall, Ramić Lake and Lake Breštica for some quality time in nature or fishing and to recharge all your senses.

The Ćiro Tourist Train, a widely known attraction, includes several closed and open panoramic tourist wagons and is a symbol of Banovići’s mining heritage.

Another very popular picnic spot is Zobik, with a mountain lodge and many hiking trails and sports terrains. Three group hiking events stand out: "A trip to Zelemboj","Greeting the Spring" and the "Konjuh Hiking Trail" which brings together thousands of participants.

AREA: 183 km2


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